Tories: Cheats Always Prosper

By James Melville.

“In a properly functioning democracy, liars should be exposed and held to account. But that isn’t happening. The prime minister’s falsehoods are mostly left unchallenged. If this goes on, the integrity of our politics faces collapse.”
– Peter Oborne

I was always told that cheats never prosper. But the cheats are winning. Britain is about vote for them to prosper.

We never learn. Despite having a compulsive liar as a Prime Minister and set of cabinet ministers who behave like they are fired candidates from The Apprentice, currently, according to recent polls, 44% of UK voters intend to vote for a party which has decimated manufacturing and industrial communities, inflicted a decade of austerity and promises to deliver Brexit which will decimate manufacturing and industrial communities once again. A Survation poll for The Economist suggests that the Conservatives lead Labour by 13 points in the old industrial heartland of Grimsby. This is only the 45th ranked target seat for the Tories. It’s political Stockholm Syndrome.

Voting for the Tories is a bit like quitting your job because you want to save money on your train fare to work.

Considering that the Tories have been in power for the past nine years, the multitude of problems faced by Britain have been largely created by the Tory government and yet they still end up winning.

Despite slashing public services to reduce the national debt, The Tories have in fact, doubled the national debt from £849 billion in 2010 to £1.8 trillion in 2019. Also, for a large part of the Tory era from 2010-2019, the UK was one of the worst performing economies of the G20, with only Greece suffering larger falls in real wages between 2010 and 2018.

Britain now has almost one third of its entire population living in poverty – an increase of 5 million people since the Conservatives took office in 2010. Britain now has over 1 million people receiving emergency food supplies per year.

Following eight years of funding cuts, the number of NHS trusts in financial difficulty increased from 5% in 2010 to over 60% by 2018 – creating an ongoing NHS crisis. Yet since the Conservatives came to power in 2010, the percentage of the NHS budget going to private healthcare providers has doubled.

On Brexit, this is a Tory psychodrama that has spilled over into a national drama. At the 2015 general election, only 1% of the population thought that Britain’s membership of the EU was the priority issue. Yet here we are in 2019, stuck in a 3 year cycle of division and hatred because the Tories unnecessarily unleashed something that wasn’t a priority or a national concern and then failed to deliver a workable solution to Brexit.

The Tories like to think of themselves as the born-to-rule party and a ruthless pursuit of power. But that’s all they are concerned about. During their stints in power from 1979 onwards, they have dismantled our industrial heartlands, destroyed hope and prosperity in communities, increased poverty levels, asset stripped our public services and infrastructures and ratcheted up our national debt. Yet, they find ways (through the right-wing media) of manipulating millions of people into voting for them by projecting blame onto the EU or immigrants for problems that they themselves created. Tories say to nurses enduring a 7 year pay freeze that there is “no magic money tree” but still find a forest full of money to lob the DUP £1 billion to keep them in power.

And yet despite all of this, it looks like the Tories are heading for a majority. Despite the lies, duplicity and endless bullshit, it appears that the Tories are going to prosper once again.  It is all so dispiriting. And sadly, it is all so heartbreakingly predictable.

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  1. “Despite slashing public services to reduce the national debt, The Tories have in fact, doubled the national debt from £849 billion in 2010 to £1.8 trillion in 2019.”

    Cutbacks was to reduce the budget deficit to 1.5% from a whopping 10% left by the extreme incompetence of Labour
    deregulating credit markets, having an open door policy on immigration and bank bailouts.

    Anyone with any knowledge of fiscal economics knows that a high budget deficit requires increased borrowing to pay for statutory public services and service the national debt. The only way of reducing a high budget deficit is either dramatic increases in taxation or to cut back non-statuary public services.

    The 2012 general election provided the electorate with that choice and the verdict was to cut back. As such, #ProjectFear austerity has its roots in Labour incompetence and decisions made by the electorate which where then implement by the coalition government.


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